Laser cutting


For precise cutting we use laser from SALVAGNINI company with power of 2000 W. Due to high-tech technology, it provides our customers with precise laser cutting accompanied with law costs operation.

We cut laser sheet/ plates with max. dimension of 3048 x 1524 mm, and thickness of:

  • construction sheet/ plates – 0.5-15 mm,
  • stainless steel sheet/ plates – 0.5-10 mm,
  • aluminum sheet/ plates – 0.5-8 mm,
  • aluminum sheet/ plates – 0.5-8 mm.



Basic Specification L3-30
Laser Power [W] 2000
Max. working area of X axis [mm] 3048
Max. working area of Y axis [mm] 1524
Sheet Metal Thickness [mm] L3-30
Construction Sheet Metal 0.5-15
Stainless Sheet Metal 0.5-10
Aluminium 0.5-8
Copper 0.5-5
Brass 0.5-5